Karis Reilly

Hi, I'm Karis and I am a Children's Illustrator and designer based in Bristol.

I believe in nurturing the imagination and expressing this through colour and design.

My style is retro nostalgic, with inspiration and candy colours from the 1950’s wave of optimism when curiosity to travel in space was imaginative and design innovation was on the rise. I continue to explore the energy and bold vision of this optimistic age with atomic shapes, futuristic spacesuits and rockets in my collections of prints, gift cards, and designs for children’s wear.

An area of interest that I am currently working in is STEM illustration. My mission is to inspire children, particularly girls, to become engineers, astronauts and scientists. 



I approach this, by illustrating playful characters solving an equation, fixing a spaceship or on an adventure to another planet. The illustrations envisage the world of STEM through colourful and cartoon themes, to capture the imagination.

I believe that girls need more role models from a young age, if they are to lead and inspire the next generation. My hope is to inspire and encourage and show the variety of career and future options open to them through STEM, visualised through my characters and designs. Perhaps in the next generation we will see fashion designers engineering the future of spacesuits.

My portfolio shows a range of illustrations that are produced into prints, greetings cards and merchandise for children. The products I create are stocked in independent shops in the UK. I also offer a design consultancy service and have worked with authors, start-up businesses, and private clients to produce both commercial and creative work.

If you would like to stock Karis Designs greeting’s cards or prints in your shop, or would like to collaborate with me on a creative project, please do get in touch.

I would love to hear from you!